200MBB: Mark Wessinger (and George)

You might call Mark Wessinger an egghead, but you probably ought to whisper it because George, the dog he rides with on a regular basis, might take offense. It’s Mark’s academic expertise we lean on in this episode, as we learn about how and why motorcycling is good for your body, mind and perhaps even your soul. He took his cue from an as yet unpublished neurobiological study commissioned by Harley-Davidson. Mark wasn’t satisfied with just knowing about the study, so he dug deeper, using his scientific knowledge to tease out more details on the mental and physical benefits of riding motorcycles. Look for an article about it from Mark in an upcoming issue of BMW Owners News! (in the February 2020 issue & here on the website as well)

Mark with his pal George, who rides more than most of us probably do.

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Mark with his new GS!