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ARCH announces 1s model for 2021

The second motorcycle to join the ARCH lineup, the 1s sport cruiser concept, has become a reality. Blending a more aggressive riding position and best-in-class components, as with all ARCH motorcycles, the 1s can be tailored to each customer’s design and ergonomics preferences. The 1s is scheduled to release in the Spring of 2021 and ARCH is taking pre-orders now.

The heart of the ARCH 1s is its 124ci (2032cc), high-torque ARCH/S&S V-twin downdraft fuel injected engine complimented by an ARCH-designed exhaust system. The unique styling of the ARCH 1s utilizes a carbon fiber fuel cell integrating the air intake and filtration system. Striking use of steel and billet aluminum chassis elements combine with carbon fiber to create unique performance architecture, giving the 1s its distinctive styling. The 1s also features a single-sided swing arm and emphasizes a sporty, aggressive riding position.

In addition to the hundreds of parts manufactured in-house ARCH Motorcycle also work in partnership with carefully selected brands to create proprietary parts purely for ARCH. These include ARCH/Ohlins suspension, ARCH/S&S V-twin performance engines, Bosch Antilock Brake System (ABS), BST carbon fiber wheels, Michelin tires and more. ARCH Motorcycle utilizes the latest digital and CNC technology to produce parts that have been designed for each model in-house.

For more information, visit the ARCH Motorcycle website.