BMW’s new C 400 scooters – in a word, optimized!

With the C 400 X in 2017 and the C 400 GT in 2018, BMW Motorrad presented two premium vehicles for the midsize scooter segment for the first time. Since then, the C 400 X has been impressing Urban Mobility segment customers with its dynamic ride characteristics, while the C 400 GT, as a Gran Turismo variant suitable for touring, stands out thanks to its enhanced range of comfort features. To make sure that this remains the case in the future too, BMW Motorrad has now upgraded the two midsize scooters and, in addition to some significant technical optimizations, has also given them new colors and styles.

As before, the proven efficiency-optimized single-cylinder engine with an output of 25 kW (34 hp) at 7 500 rpm and a torque of 35 Nm at 5 750 rpm serves as the drive unit. Power transmission is via a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearbox and a torsionally stiff drivetrain swing arm with innovative swing arm bearing for minimum vibration and therefore maximum comfort. Thanks to current EU 5 homologation, the new C 400 X and C 400 GT remain the ideal partners for dynamic, carefree scooter fun.

For this reason the engine has been equipped with a so-called “electronic throttle grip” (E-gas) and an electrically operated throttle valve as well as a new engine management system. Further optimizations are a modified matrix and coating of the catalytic converter, a wide-band oxygen sensor, modifications to the cylinder head, a new sensor on the generator cover, an adapted wiring harness and modified idle speed control. The idle speed regulator in the air box has been omitted and the idle speed control is now carried out via a throttle valve bypass and a turbulence system.

In addition to complying with EU-5 homologation, the revised drive impresses riders above all with an even smoother and more sensitive throttle response as well as increased idling stability. In addition to E-gas and new engine management, the optimized springs for the centrifugal clutch also contribute to increasing engine running stability. The tolerance of the spring force was limited, the spring force was slightly increased and the engine speed was slightly raised as the clutch re-engages. Due to the reduced tolerances, the spread of the speed when disengaging the clutch is smaller and belated opening of the clutch – as occasionally known from the predecessor – no longer occurs. Automatic Stability Control (ASC) with automatic radius calibration and increased regulation quality. Homologation of the full top speed now also for China.

In the course of the technical revision, the new C 400 X and C 400 GT also received an optimized ASC. Instead of the previous manual recalibration – for example when changing tires – the new system now has an automatic radius calibration. In addition, the new ASC is designed for significantly lower friction values than before. When riding, this is noticeable in a more sensitive response and significantly increased regulation comfort – especially on wet and slippery surfaces. Deactivating ASC is now no longer necessary. Until now, the two vehicles were homologated for the Chinese market for a speed of 129 km/h. The legal requirements in China have changed and so it has now become possible to homologate the full top speed of 86 mph (139 kmh) there as in the other markets.

The brake system of the new C 400 X and C 400 GT has also been revised. Thanks to new brake calipers, the double-disc brake system at the front now offers a more stable and clearly defined pressure point as well as improved roll-back behavior of the brake pistons. This is accompanied by aligned lever travels for the rear brake on the left and the front brake on the right for a symmetrical braking feel.

The optimized lighting of the storage compartment (volume 31 l, 45 l with Flexcase) under the seat bench improves comfort significantly. The lighting now no longer comes from the side, but from above for even better illumination. In addition to the 12-volt onboard socket, the front right storage compartment is now equipped with a USB charging socket.

As before the new BMW C 400 X and C 400 GT also feature the unmistakable design language of BMW Motorrad. Modern and future-oriented looks reflect the BMW Motorrad design philosophy perfectly. The new midsize scooters from BMW Motorrad are each offered in three different color variants.

C 400 X

  • Base paint finish Blackstorm metallic
  • Optional Granite Grey metallic paint finish (+ 50.00 €)
  • Style Sport (Blackstorm metallic/Racingblue metallic matt, + € 200.00)

C 400 GT

  • Base paint finish Alpine White
  • Optional Kallisto Grey metallic paint finish (+ 50.00 €)
  • Style Triple Black (Blackstorm metallic with matt tapes, + 200.00 €)

All new features of the BMW C 400 X and C 400 GT at a glance

  • Powerful single-cylinder drive according to EU-5 homologation with E-gas, new engine management and optimized centrifugal clutch
  • Optimized idling behavior Automatic Stability Control (ASC) with automatic radius calibration and increased regulation quality
  • Brake system with new front brake calipers, clearly defined pressure point and adjusted lever travel of front and rear brakes
  • Seat storage compartment with optimized lighting and USB charging socket in the front right storage compartment
  • Two new attractive colors each as well as the style variants “Sport” (C 400 X) and “Triple Black” (C 400 GT)

Naturally BMW Motorrad has plenty of accessories on offer for both the C 400 X and the C 400 GT. Absolute highlights are the brand new rear bags of the Black Collection. These come in two different sizes, one for short trips and one for longer trips for more luggage. In both versions, the bag has a waterproof TPU coating that defies all weather conditions. The removable inner bag and the 2-way zip on the main compartment are also designed to be water-repellent. The zip is also rubberized and lockable for extra security. Another all-round zip on the main compartment can be used to further expand the already generous volume of the bag if required. A slip pocket on the inside of the lid and zipped compartments on both sides help you to organize your luggage. Another clever detail is the adjustable backpack shoulder straps and foldability for transporting items away from the bike. The Black Collection rear bag is designed for use in conjunction with a luggage rack. A corresponding attachment strap is included in the delivery scope. The bag comes in black with blue accents and reflective stripes. The inner lining is also blue.

Storage solutions include the small top case (30 l) w/optional back pad, light top case (29 l), liners for both, and large and small tail bags from the Black Collection. Ergonomics and comfort options include a high windshield, low seat, cover, heated grips, navigation (Nav VI) and communication. Safety options include an alarm system, LED headlight, engine protection bar, a protective cover for the 6.5-inch TFT screen and a cover.