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Touratech’s Defensa system modernizes hand protection

Touratech has taken a fresh approach to the age-old problem of protecting both the rider’s hands and the bike’s critical controls. Most handguard solutions look like they belong on a competition dirt bike. Touratech has created a new platform that offers robust protection with a refined look that matches the aesthetic of a modern adventure motorcycle.

Utilizing a forging technique, Touratech has created an incredibly strong exoskeleton, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. The company’s industrial designers have given the product an aggressive look with hard angles, yet a refined style with a textured matte finish. The aluminum-only version is available as the Defensa Core for those who want the minimalist look.

Protection is extended with an integrated plastic shield that protects hands from brushy trails, precipitation and cold weather. The tough plastic shields are made from durable polypropylene, and are available in both white or black colors. The aluminum with integrated plastic version is available as the Defensa Expedition.

Both versions are designed to provide generous clearance to accommodate stock or aftermarket levers and the toughness to protect them from impacts with the hard ground.

“I like the angular design and think the textured matte finish accentuates the styling of modern adventure motorcycle nicely. They look great and protect hands from both the elements and flying rocks or gravel.” –  Iain Glynn, Touratech-USA

An accessory spoiler is also available to further extend protection and add to the adventure look of the motorcycle. The spoiler provides an additional 1.5 inches of height and is sold separately from the handguards.

All Defensa handguard systems come with bike-specific mounting kits that provide riders with everything needed for clean mounting to the bike.

Features – Defensa Handguards

  • 14 mm forged aircraft-grade aluminum structure
  • Plastic shields available in Black or White
  • Bike-specific mounting kits
  • Generous clearance for levers
  • Rally-inspired design
  • Optional handguard spoilers for increased protection