MOA podcasts make Welp Magazine’s 20 Best Motorcycle Podcasts of 2021 list

Both of the MOA’s podcasts, Chasing the Horizon and 200 Miles Before Breakfast, have been honored with a place on Welp Magazine’s “20 Best Motorcycle Podcasts of 2021” list.

Podcast host Wes Fleming said, “Making Welp’s list alongside Paddock Pass, Motorcycles & Misfits and all the others is a real honor. It’s nice to know that not only are people listening, folks appreciate the time and energy that go into producing two podcasts for the MOA. Thanks especially to all the listeners in the UK and the folks at Welp Magazine.”

Welp Magazine, part of London-based marketing firm Fupping Ltd., is an online publication focused on technology providing helpful resources for businesses in nearly every industry.