Eastbound Wheel Service tool kit

Like many of you, I’ve been riding BMW motorcycles long enough to remember when the purchase of a new Beemer came with a real toolkit. My 1995 K 75, for example, has a pretty extensive 19-piece toolset consisting of four crescent wrenches, two screwdrivers, five Allen wrenches, pliers, assorted wheel wrenches, a feeler gauge and spare fuses.  It even has a BMW tire repair kit replete with CO2 cartridges!

By contrast, my 2021 F 850 GS toolkit contains only three items: a 14 mm open-end wrench, reversible Phillips/flathead screwdriver, and a Torx key. If I wanted to do more than remove my windscreen or adjust the angle of my brake levers, I am out of luck.

I suspect BMW did this to cut costs, to discourage owners from maintaining their bikes, or to avoid litigation. Regardless, riders are forced to put together their own emergency toolkit or buy a generic one costing $80 or more. I ended up making my own from duplicate tools I had on hand, but what I didn’t have was something to adjust the chain or remove the wheels.

Based on the recommendation of a friend, I ordered the F 850 GS Wheel Service Toolkit from a Dutch company called Eastbound (they also make a specific Wheel Service Toolkit for R 1200 GSes). It not only had all the tools necessary to adjust the chain and remove both wheels, but came in compact 6.6”x3.5” canvas pouch that fits neatly under the seat. The kit includes a 34 mm axle nut wrench and lever set, 19 mm hex axle tool, 3/8″ square drive adapter, 10 mm socket adapter, 12 mm Allen bit, T50 and T40 Torx bits and spare O-rings. The overall quality of the kit is best represented in the gorgeous axle wrench tools and levers, which are CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminum.

Costing €59,90 (US$83.75) for the F 850 GS or R 1200 GS, Eastbound’s Wheel Service Toolkits are reasonably priced. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping from the Netherlands isn’t cheap and adds about a third more to the bottom line. Eastbound uses FedEx International Economy and delivery to my house in Virginia was $27.88, bringing my total to $111.63.

For adventure riders, saving weight is as important as space, which is always at a premium on a motorcycle. Even if you found similar tools to adjust the chain and remove both wheels, it’s highly unlikely they would be as compact and light as the Eastbound Wheel Service Toolkit. Check them out at Eastboundshop.com.