BMW issues recall on 2019-20 K 1600 motorcycles

On 21 January 2022, BMW NA issued a recall for all 2019-20 K 1600 B, GT and GTL motorcycles due to a manufacturing defect in the rear suspension.

BMW says the link strut lacks the proper strength and could be damaged by regular riding. Should the link strut fail, the rear of the motorcycle could fall and contact the rear tire, causing damage or a crash.

This recall affects over 1,600 motorcycles. The repair will involve replacing the obsolete parts – which BMW has already stopped using, thus the limited recall – with updated parts of sufficient strength to support normal operation.

Discussions in various online forums recalled the 2014 rear shock recall for R 1200 RT models, which resulted in a stop-sale order and long delays in getting replacement parts installed for existing owners. The current recall is much more limited in scope, though BMW has not announced a plan or timeline to repair the affected motorcycles.

Owners of affected K 1600 motorcycles should contact their BMW Motorrad dealer for more information.

  • K 1600 B: 922 units built between 2 Sept 2018 and 18 Feb 2020
  • K 1600 GT: 351 units built between 21 Sept 2018 and 28 Dec 2019
  • K 1600 GTL: 352 units built between 4 Dec 2018 and 27 Jan 2020