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BMW Motorrad sales rose 15% in 2021

BMW Motorrad enjoyed its best sales year ever in 2021, selling 194,261 motorcycles and scooters worldwide. This represents a staggering 14.8% rise in sales over 2020. …read about BMW Motorrad’s 2020 sales

Germany was the company’s top market by a wide margin, and despite a slight decline, they still sold nearly 26,000 bikes there. The usual suspects followed – Italy, Spain, France and the US. China made the top 5 markets for the first time, and South America and the United Kingdom – seemingly unaffected by Brexit – made a strong showing as well.

BMW Motorrad’s lineup and marketing efforts in the United States are clearly starting to pay off, as the US enjoyed a more than 30% rise in sales in 2021, though the US was still locked out of the top 3 by just four motorcycles.

Country Units Sold Pct Change
Germany 25,972 – 5.6%
France 19,887 + 13.4%
Italy 16,034 + 15.2%
United States 16,030 + 32.1%
China 14,309 + 21.4%
Spain 12,616 + 14.4%
Brazil 11,150 + 4.1%
United Kingdom 9,263 + 26.6%

Over 60,000 of the units sold – about 31% of BMW Motorrad’s total sales – were R 1250 GS or GS Adventure models, showing the ongoing strength of the adventure touring segment (BMW calls these touring enduros –Ed.). Add in the R 1250 RT and the new R 18 and those four models combined for about half of BMW Motorrad’s 2021 sales. The inline-four S models sold well, netting a total of 4,796 S 1000 RR, R and XR models delivered. Additionally, 1,070 M 1000 RR – BMW’s first M-series motorcycle – were sold.

Markus Schramm, the head of BMW Motorrad, said, “I look forward to 2022 with great confidence. In the first few months of 2022, the market launches of the all-electric BMW CE 04 and our superior six-cylinder models [K 1600 B/GA/GT/GTL], which have been further improved in all respects, are absolute highlights of our range. We have a lot planned for the second half of 2022, so our customers and fans are in store for a number of surprises.”