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BMW NA starts tech campaign on LC R 1200 GS/GSA fork tubes

On 27 June 2017, BMW of North America released information regarding its technical campaign for “fixed fork tube inspection.” This technical campaign applies to water-cooled R 1200 GS (K50, K50/11) and GS Adventure (K51) motorcycles.

From the campaign bulletin:

“As a result of ongoing field observations, BMW Motorrad has determined that the fixed fork tube (stanchion) of the R 1200 GS (K50, K50/11) and R 1200 GS Adventure (K51) can be damaged due to unusual incidents. Such high stress can be caused for example, when riding over an obstacle, during a fall or when driving through deep potholes. Resulting damage to the fixed fork tubes manifests itself through a gap between the stanchion and the press-fitted, top seal plug.

An inspection process along with a repair procedure has been developed. All affected motorcycles must receive one of the two repairs outlined in this bulletin. Customers will be notified by mail by BMW Motorrad USA.”

Should an inspection turn up the need for a repair, BMW Motorrad recommends one of two repair options, as follows:

  1. Installation of a fork tube bushing onto the existing fork tube, or
  2. Installation of a fork tube bushing onto a new fork tube, or the replacement of a fork tube with a new one that already has the bushing in place

Owners of motorcycles that are affected by this technical campaign are urged to contact their dealers, but the list of VINs affected may not be available to dealers until 30 June – so give your dealer a break if they don’t know if your motorcycle is affected.