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Welcome New MOA Members

I decided to join BMW MOA for a few reasons. First and foremost is my legacy connection to the group. My grandfather, Johann "Hans" Bonhart IV, was a long-time member of the group. He participated in many rallies and was very involved. Growing up I remember going on rides with him and always being interested in his passion for BMW Motorcycles. My grandpa had two bikes that he kept after he stopped riding then he passed about seven years ago the bikes continued to sit in my dad's warehouse for 20+ years. Finally, after I was able to afford it, I decided to get one fixed up and learn how to ride. It was his 1927 R75/5 and I am in love with it already. Another reason I decided to join is the large network of members. There are many
people in my area (Chicago) and around the country to network with.

It is great seeing my people that my grandfather rode with growing up like Alice Hanes. I also believe my grandmother, Lou Bonhart, and Uncle Johann Bonhart V were also BMW MOA members. I am excited to be able to get out on some rides soon. -Joseph Frank