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MachineartMoto reintroduces ADVance Guard multi-functional hand guards for ADV bikes

MachineartMoto, designers of protection products for BMW and select Adventure Bike Brands, have re-introduced the ADVance Guard multi-functional hand guards in October 2022. The patented ADVance Guard design is the most versatile, useful and effective Hand Guard solution available for Adventure Touring, with its easy to adjust wind flow control Sliding Shield, and fully removable front Insert for hot weather riding. The design enables riders to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Kits are available to fit most popular brands of Adventure Touring motorcycles.

Features & Benefits 

Adventure Touring riders must adapt to a wide variety of conditions – from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold on the interstate. ADVance Guard’s adjustable Sliding Shield increases or decreases front surface area by 50% to allow easy adaptation to prevailing conditions and increase rider comfort. ADVance Guard’s appearance reflects its unique functionality with a distinctively elegant form that enhances the styling of any motorcycle brand.

MachineartMoto founder Andrew Serbinski was featured in Episode 88 of Chasing the Horizon – listen now!

A Testimonial by Mark B.: “I was able to immediately try them out in 40-degree weather and was very impressed with how much of a difference the guards made (screens down), and how much MORE of a difference they made with the screens up. Truly outstanding in terms of both form and function!”

New Front Insert Colors Added 

In addition to the previous standard Colors of Black, Granite Grey, and KTM orange, new Rallye Blue, Anniversary Yellow, and Light white are introduced. The front Insert easily snaps into the open window of the Frame and colors can be interchanged to best match bike color schemes.

ADVance Guard is an assembly of three main components:

1. The Composite Twin Spar Frame with an open front that mounts to the handlebar.
2. The Insert, which fills the open front when snapped in, or uncovers it when snapped out.
3. The Sliding Shield which is retained by both the Frame and Insert and is adjustable to low or high positions enabling riders to adapt to various weather conditions.

The wide Twin Spar Frame, made in a resilient nylon composite, providing protection with or without the front Insert installed. Used by itself without the Insert or Shield attached, the open center permits cooling air flow. The Frame mounts at the bar end with fasteners included in the Mounting Kit and, depending on the bike model, may also come with a specific bar end weight. The opposite end of the Frame mounts to a forged aluminum handlebar Mount shaped to clear control cables for specific motorcycle models.

The Sliding Shield can be adjusted by sliding up or down without using tools over a range of 50mm. Shield adjustments must be made while the bike is stationary. In its extended state, total vertical coverage is 142mm. In its open front configuration, ADVance Guard’s height is 100mm.

Fitment Kit Options 

Fitment Kits are available to fit specific models of: BMW, KTM, Triumph, Honda, Aprilia and Yamaha. Additional brand applications will be forthcoming.

ADVance Guard Features Summary 

* HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SHIELD – no tools required – wide coverage of hands & controls
* AIRFLOW CONTROL – open or closed front face
* FORGED ALUMINUM MOUNTING KITS – fitments for a variety of makes & models
* U.S. Pat. #9,802,666; D813729

Retail Prices are $249 ~ $259, depending on the Fitment Kit required for each installation. For more information, visit the MachineartMoto website.