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Mosko Moto’s Nomini tank bag is perfect for smaller ADV bikes – and maybe your bike, too

Though the Mosko Moto 40L Reckless system ( first look | deeper look ) provides a lot of storage space, it doesn’t lend itself to quick, ready access to the little stuff that most riders carry. The obvious answer is a tank bag, but on an ADV/dual sport bike, I reasoned I didn’t need one of those expandable, microwave-sized behemoths just to hold ear plugs, sun glasses, license and registration. Ryan Turner at Mosko Moto suggested the Nomini, a bag just a little larger than a Jack Reipe book.

With the Nomini’s slim horizontal profile, it doesn’t interfere with standing on the pegs, even on off-road bikes with a high-humped gas tank, or interfere with steering or seeing dash screens. Unbuckle it from its four-strap harness, and it’s small enough to use as a fanny pack (a belt is included) or just tote around with its carry handle. I like the size of the Nomini, but some may find it too small to hold all the stuff they want at hand.

I also like the characteristic quality build Mosko Moto is known for. It’s constructed with the same high-density, recycled nylon that most of the Mosko Moto gear uses, with a thick, padded base layer. The bag has a water repellent finish, but does not come with a rain cover.

The Nomini uses the same harness as all of the Mosko Moto tank bags and seems secure. When refueling, I just release the top two buckles and flip the bag out of the way. The front and back straps of the harness can be connected to each other when the bag is off.

A shallow zippered pocket on the rear of the Nomini is a good place for ear plugs or a multitool, while inside the bag are two more small zippered pockets, one nylon-lined for documents, and one with see-through mesh. There is also a key clip along with two stretchy bands I use to hold a small notebook and slots for a pen or tire pressure gauge. On the outside on top is Mosko Moto’s typical MOLLE attachment panel for clipping things like a SPOT locator or cell phone case, but I would like to have seen maybe another stretchy band to hold gloves.

At a weight of 0.7 pounds and a storage capacity of just two liters, I guess you could call the Mosko Moto Nomini a “nominal” tank bag, and truth be told, some may prefer a larger bag, but for a rider of a smaller ADV/dual sport, less may just be more. The Nomini sells from Mosko Moto site for $95.