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Greg Widmar of MotoJitsu on The Ride Inside with Mark Barnes

Greg Widmar is one of the most-followed YouTubers in the motorcycle world, with well over 400,000 subscribers and 1,100 videos. The MotoJitsu training videos are easy to understand and widely accessible, and Greg’s other videos are just plain informative and fun. Greg’s stated view for MotoJitsu is to inspire riders to wear full gear, take training courses and practice their skills in order to reduce crashes on public roads.

Before becoming one of the most visible and popular motorcycle influencers, Greg spent 11 years in the US Marine Corps, including two tours in Iraq; one of the things he did in the Marines was train drill instructors. After leaving the service, he dedicated himself to motorcycle training as both a student and a teacher, becoming an MSF RiderCoach and Total Control Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Riding Clinic instructor. A common question from many of his students – “What should I practice in-between courses?” – led to the development of his MotoJitsu system. His passionate advocacy for rider training and the use of full gear only grew after his own serious motorcycle crash.

After enjoying this episode, you can find out more about MotoJitsu from the website, which has links to all his social media presences, the MotoJitsu app and the four books Greg has written.

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