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MSRP of 2024 R 1300 GS leaked: $19,590

Oops! BMW Motorrad’s US-based website inadvertently published the expected MSRP of the upcoming R 1300 GS; the base model’s cost was listed briefly as $19,590, a $900 increase over the base price of the current R 1250 GS. As anyone who has bought a new BMW motorcycle in the last …decade? knows, it’s incredibly difficult to actually purchase a base model, so expect the final retail price to be over $20,000, and probably more realistically in the neighborhood of $23,000 to $24,000.

This most recent spy photo from July 2023 shows BMW is no longer trying to hide the bike. Info, photos and screenshots come from Motorrad, a German-language online motorcycle news site.

The R 1300 GS will debut in Berlin on 28 September 2023, exactly 100 years to the day from when BMW debuted its first motorcycle, the R 32.

A BMW R 32. GNU Free Documentation License.

In May 2023, info about the new 1,300 cubic centimeter engine emerged from Swiss authorities due to their vehicle approval process. The new boxer will produce 145.5 horsepower at the crank at 7,750 RPM, have a top speed of 140 MPH and put out 109.9 pound-feet of torque. Wheel sizes will remain consistent with the R 1250 GS at 120/70-19 for the front and 170/60-17 for the rear. The R 1300 GS’s wheelbase extends only four millimeters beyond the R 1250 GS, to 1,518 mm (59.76 inches, or a tad under five feet).

Due to a new engine housing, eagle-eyed experts are predicting a new semi-dry sump system to further combat oil foaming, as well as a new cooling system, increasing the proportion of liquid to air cooling for the engine.

In keeping with GS traditions, spy photos show both cross-spoke and cast wheels, and the 1300 has apparently retained the flap mechanism which has been part of the boxer’s exhaust system for a number of years. The flap is electronically controlled and is programmed to help control tailpipe emissions depending on the speed of the motorcycle.

No doubt the Premium Package for the R 1300 GS will include BMW’s fancy new adaptive cruise control, complete with intervention braking. This means the motorcycle will accelerate and decelerate on its own depending on the proximity of leading traffic. Also expected to appear is blind spot assistance and collision alert systems, thanks to forward- and rearward-facing radar pods.

While it will be some time before BMW publishes hard details on packages, improvements and updates, news of an M-level 1300 GS is already circulating, and we can likely expect the GSA version of the R 1300 to emerge about a year after the regular GS’s debut. No word on when the R 1300 GS will hit dealer show rooms, nor information as to the exact MSRP beyond the speculations contained in this report.