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Jon DelVecchio on The Ride Inside

Jon DelVecchio—MOA member, founder of Street Skills and creator of the Cornering Confidence course—joins me on the newest episode of The Ride Inside. We discuss numerous aspects of his courses and his approach to motorcycle training, and what it all means for building your skills.

Please note that all MOA members have access to a FREE Cornering Confidence program; all you have to do is follow the instructions on the website to get this $50 course completely free as a benefit to your MOA membership. You can find out more about Jon, his book and all of his programs on the Street Skills website.

You can also catch Jon’s courses at some of the MOA National Rallies, so be sure to check your monthly email newsletters and visit the rally website to find out which rallies Jon will be attending in the future.

The Ride Inside with Mark Barnes is brought to you by the MOA Foundation. You can join the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America quickly and easily to better take advantage of the Paul B Grant program mentioned in this episode.