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Ken Condon on The Ride Inside

Continuing my series of interviews with motorcycle training professionals, I had the good fortune to have a wide-ranging discussion with Ken Condon. For over 45 years, Ken has done every kind of riding from commuting to racing, and for much of that time, he’s helped other riders build their skills.

Ken has written two books, Riding in the Zone and Motorcycling the Right Way. He also wrote extensively for Motorcyclist magazine and Motorcycle Consumer News before those publications went full digital and went out of business, respectively.

He has been an MSF RiderCoach for 25 years, was a lead instructor for Tony’s Track Days for 24 years and currently operates Riding in the Zone Non-Sportbike Training Days. Ken has won two amateur road-racing championships and an FIM vintage championship, that win coming in 2014.

Because our discussion ran nearly two hours, we’ve split it up into two episodes of The Ride Inside, both of which you can listen to right here on the BMW Owners News website. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show in your favorite podcasting app so you can explore the back catalog and don’t miss any future episodes.

Part 1

Part 2

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