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Tami Bakke on The Ride Inside

Listen to another entry in the motorcycle training series, but this time it’s with a dedicated trainee rather than a trainer. Tami Bakke is an MOA member and currently serves on the board of directors for the MOA Foundation, which is one of the biggest proponents and supporters of motorcyclist training in the United States. Through their Paul B. and Clark Luster programs, the Foundation provides money for training for individuals and clubs.

Tami, in the foreground, with her husband Doug and their dog.

The Ride Inside with Mark Barnes is brought to you by the MOA Foundation. You can join the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America quickly and easily to better take advantage of the Paul B Grant and Clark Luster programs mentioned in this episode.

2 thoughts on “Tami Bakke on The Ride Inside

  • Excellent interview! Tami and her enthusiasm for motorcycles and continuous training is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She and Doug are amazing ambassadors for the sport.

  • Great photo, the shades on the dog is a cool touch. Nice Guzzi in the background as well!

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