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BMW sings the motorcycle electric with the eRR

The experimental vehicle eRR, created as a joint project between BMW Motorrad and the Technical University of Munich, embodies an idea of an electric-powered supersport motorcycle.

A couple of years ago, the BMW i series showed the BMW Group’s visionary and sustainable approach with the vehicles BMW i3 and i8 and their revolutionary design principles (aluminum chassis and passenger cabin made from carbon fiber) and BMW Motorrad’s C evolution proved that zero emission, riding fun and practicability are not mutually exclusive.

With the eRR, BMW Motorrad goes one step forward and shows the possibilities of an all-electric drive in a supersport motorcycle. Regarding design and chassis technology, the eRR leans on the supersport motorcycle S 1000 RR, but utilizing an all-electric drive train.

Head of BMW Motorrad Stephan Schaller said, “Whether it’s acceleration, handling or top speed – the RR is setting standards. However, if acceleration on the first metres, up to 50, 60 kph, is the point, the RR’s 199 bhp have to admit defeat by another BMW product: the C evolution with its electric drive. We asked ourselves: What happens when combining a sport motorcycle and an electric drive? The experimental vehicle eRR brings zero emissions and electric drive to a new, more fascinating level.”

BMW Motorrad will announce technical details of the eRR at a later date.