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MOA Foundation Launches SafeMiles Endowment

The BMW MOA Foundation launched an aggressive fundraising campaign at the 2019 Scoot Boot ’n Boogie with a goal of creating a million-dollar endowment to fund the future of rider safety, education and training. Foundation President Chuck Manley said donations to the SafeMiles Endowment will be specifically reserved for the purpose of creating a long-term endowment to guarantee future Foundation initiatives.

“Our first raffle effort was nearly ten years ago, and the Foundation has used those funds to provide important rider safety initiatives like our Paul B. Scholarship program,” Manley said. “If we had started the SafeMiles Endowment at the same time, we would have a $1 million nest egg today to fund our training efforts forever.”

Manley also said the Foundation is looking for donors at all levels, including a handful of key donors willing to make an annual commitment to the SafeMiles Endowment. “Fifteen MOA members have stepped up and committed long-term donations to get the fund off the ground,” said Manley. “We have commitments for $150,000 in donations toward the million-dollar goal, but we’ve tried to make it very easy for MOA members to donate at any level.”

Donors to the SafeMiles Endowment can receive Foundation incentives such as saddlebag medallions, Foundation polo shirts, one-year membership renewals and even automatic entries for Foundation raffles. To learn more about the SafeMiles Endowment and the various options for giving, MOA members can visit

“Our $250 donation level was very popular at the rally because it includes automatic entry into the various Foundation raffles, a one-year membership renewal and several other incentives that MOA members deserve,” commented Manley.

With the announcement of the SafeMiles campaign and the ability to automatically enter Foundation raffles, the Foundation also unveiled two custom R nine T Urban GSs that will be the prizes in the fall Custom Bike raffle. SafeMiles donors can receive an automatic entry to the Fall raffle as well as next year’s Completely Vintage raffle and the 2020 Superstakes by donating now on the SafeMiles Endowment donation page.

“It is a very exciting time for the Foundation with lots of activity,” said Manley, “but I am especially excited for future BMW MOA members who will benefit from these efforts.”