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BMW updates R 1250 GS/GSA for 2021

The 2021 versions of the R 1250 GS and GS Adventure get many of the same software updates as the RT, specifically DTC and Eco mode-meant to maximize fuel efficiency-in the standard setup. Integral ABS Pro brakes are not fully integrated as the RT’s brakes are, but BMW touts the braking system’s predictive capabilities without getting into much detail in the press release. The optional Riding Modes Pro with the engine drag torque control is also available for the 2021 GS and GSA, as are Hill Start Control Pro and BMW’s updated Electronic Suspension Adjustment, which they claim is now fully automatic.

The new big adventure bikes also feature full LED lighting, and the adaptive (turning) headlight function is available as an optional add-on. Other available options include a heated seat and handlebar risers, while a 12-volt socket and 5-volt USB port come standard with the bikes now.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the GS model, the 2021 GS and GSA are available in some nice-looking new color schemes: Triple Black, Rallye, Light White Solid, Ice Gray Solid, and a black-and-yellow bumblebee throwback scheme. The new GS and GSA retain the previous generation’s 6.5” TFT cockpit data display.

3 thoughts on “BMW updates R 1250 GS/GSA for 2021

  • BMW Motorrad designers and engineers have lost their mojo. From one angle or another, the body pieces of recent designs as a whole appear to have been contributed by a conglomerate of committees that never coordinated with each other until the day before the reveal.
    The front view of the ’21 RT fairing with all lights turned on reminds me of an insect’s compound eye, and the boxer engine is so wide that it should have clearance lights. Bigger is not better. In spite of not solving known design distractions of the past 15-20 years, such as ridiculously tall GS seat heights, quarter-ton empty weights, and a proliferation of models that continually drives prices up, the designers have focused on desperately adding bling and pounding out designs that are just different from the previous year for the sake of being different, rather than going all-in on fewer changes that stir the emotions while enhancing functionality. Gone are the elegant flowing profiles of the past such as those found in the K-RS, S and GT models, the R-90S and R-100RS models. Those designs seemed inspired, even by today’s standards. I hope BMW Motorrad gets its creative design juices back soon. Otherwise, the showroom floors will take on the appearance of a viewing tent at a Barret-Jackson auction.

  • When will you start shipping 2021 GSA bikes. Or when will the stop sale end

    Thank you

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