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Improve your camping experience with the Microlite Java Press and Nomad Cooking Kit

When traveling by motorcycle, riders have very limited space and have to be thoughtful about everything they pack. For me, regardless of what I may need to leave behind, I can say I’ll never travel without the GSI Outdoors Microlite Java Press again! This thing is awesome. It’s super easy to use, easy to clean and feels very durable.

To use the Microlite Java Press, all you have to do is put your coffee grounds or loose-leaf tea into the bottom of the cup and add hot water. Then, I like to press the internal canister down about an inch while the coffee or tea steeps as I think submerging the grounds provides a stronger brew and it helps keep the water hot. That’s a personal preference though!

Then, after a couple of minutes of brew time you slowly press the internal canister down to the bottom and enjoy! Cleanup is a breeze, as well; all you have to do is to dump the grounds and rinse the Java Press with water!

Additionally, the provided instructions say the Microlite Java Press will keep your beverage warm for up to three hours, and after testing this theory, I have to agree!

While not camping, I’ve also found myself using the press in everyday life when I want just a single cup of joe or that time I couldn’t find my tea strainer and needed a way to brew loose leaf tea.

The Microlite Java Press is one of those things that makes you sit back and wonder how you survived without it all this time. At $29.99 from REI, it’s a great deal. It’s also available from the manufacturer.

Another purchase I thought would make my camping experiences better was the Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit. I really want to love the kit as it’s beautifully handcrafted, the knives are sharp and have a really nice, heavy-duty weight to them without actually weighing a ton. The cutting board is also big enough to get the job done without taking up too much space in my panniers where everything is kept nice and tidy all wrapped up in the provided cloth towel.

That said, I don’t see myself packing this. Personally, I don’t do much cooking while on motorcycle trips, camping or otherwise, though I may carry the kit on my car camping trips or to my next outdoor symphony concert.

If you are the type to light a fire and cook up a meal after a long day of riding, I would definitely recommend the Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit. It can be found online for $85 at