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BMW MOA Members Save $500 on New BMW Motorcycles

If you are in the market for a new BMW motorcycle, your MOA membership is about to pay dividends. BMW MOA members are included in the BMW Motorrad Appreciation Program, offering current MOA members up to $500 off the purchase of a new, untitled BMW motorcycle.

The incentive offers active BMW MOA members, who have been a member for one year or longer, $250 off G- and F-series motorcycles and $500 off K-, R- and S-series motorcycles – and the Motorrad Appreciation Program discount can be combined with other seasonal incentives or sales offers! (Note these discounts may change over time – please contact your dealer or BMW NA to verify the benefit.)

MOA members are eligible for one purchase incentive during any one calendar year for any qualifying model, which is defined as any new, previously unregistered BMW motorcycle. BMW auction units do not qualify. The new incentive may be combined with other sales offers or incentives, except other BMW Motorrad Appreciation group discounts such as the Military Purchase Offer or Emergency Services Purchase Offer.

MOA members interested in purchasing a new BMW motorcycle with the discount applied should visit their local BMW retailer for details. Proof of membership, such as your BMW MOA membership card, showing a full year of membership will be required to secure the discount. Membership cards are available online in the member profile area or replacement cards can be ordered through the membership office.

Not a BMW MOA member? Now there are 500 more reasons to join. Get started today by joining online at or call (864) 438-0962. You could be on your way to $500 off your next BMW motorcycle purchase.