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Premiere Training wraps for 2022; more classes coming in ’23!

The MOA’s series of Premiere Training classes for 2022 ended with a chilly session at the BMW Performance Center’s U.S. Rider Academy in mid-November.

From L-R: Esteban Santin, Paul Fattibene, Eric Nord, Gerard Fischer, and Wes Fitzer.

While this class only had four participants, no class has more than 14, which enables direct instruction from the U.S. Rider Academy instructors in a very hands-on way. Each class includes both on- and off-road skills development using the Performance Center’s fleet of BMW GS motorcycles.

Instructor Michael Bass shows the class one technique for lifting a downed bike. Instructor Jason Weilnau is at left, while Instructor Wendy Naessens is behind the camera.

Specific skills studied include slow riding, trial stops, emergency stops, obstacle avoidance, cone challenges and more. Two nights at the Greenville Marriott are included in the cost along with the full day of training, lunch at the Performance Center and two dinners, as well as transportation from the hotel to the Performance Center. All you have to do is get yourself to South Carolina and we’ll do the rest!

Premiere Training classes are subsidized by the MOA Foundation as a benefit to MOA members and support their mission of rider safety, training and awareness. Stay tuned to BMW Owners News, the MOA website and membership email newsletters for the 2023 schedule of Premiere Training classes!