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BMW CCA Foundation needs YOUR BIKE for its Ultimate Driving Museum in 2023

In 2023, the BMW CCA Foundation will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad with a new exhibit entitled BMW Motorcycles: A Century of Innovation. This will be the sixth major exhibit staged by the BMW CCA Foundation at its Ultimate Driving Museum in Greer, South Carolina, following Heroes of Bavaria (BMW Motorsport) in 2017, The ICON (2002) in 2018, PASSION (50 Years of the BMW CCA) in 2019, Genesis (BMW in the beginning) in 2020, and 2022’s The Power of M.

Like all of those exhibits, BMW Motorcycles will feature a representative selection of machinery to illustrate the major developments that mark BMW’s history, and it will use those machines to tell the stories of the people who created, rode, and preserved them. Historical accuracy will be paramount, and each bike will be presented along with its individual story and that of its owner.

For more information, click the image above to read the news item on the MOA website.